Kansainvälinen Careeria/Careeria International


Kansainvälinen Careeria

Kansainvälisyys on osa Careerian arkea. Careeria tarjoaa koulutusta kolmella kielellä: suomeksi, ruotsiksi ja englanniksi. Opiskelijoilla ja henkilöstöllä on mahdollisuus kehittää osaamistaan kansainvälisessä toimintaympäristössä. Sen mahdollistaa laaja kontaktiverkosto Euroopassa ja muualla maailmassa, sekä Careerian saama hankerahoitus.

Careeria international

Careeria is a VET provider in Uusimaa region on the south coast of Finland. Careeria offers school based and apprenticeship training to both young and adult students alike in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Careeria is owned by the local municipalities. Careeria provides its owners with education services and its stakeholders with skilled workforce. Individualized learning pathways enable flexible studies that are carried out on our campuses in Porvoo, Helsinki, Vantaa, Askola and Kerava and at the workplaces. Learning processes are supported by digital learning.

According to the organization’s strategy, Careeria’s mission is the creation of competences and expertise. Furthermore, Careeria offers individual learning pathways that suit different life situations. Careeria aims to foresee the changing needs of world of work. One of the strategic goals of Careeria is to develop the students’ abilities to engage with global world of work. Careeria’s vast cooperation networks support the organization and its students in reaching these goals. Careeria has a network of over 40 partner organizations abroad.

Careeria is active in sending students abroad for work and school based periods. Several network and development projects are carried out in Careeria. European Union and its Erasmus+ programme, Nordic Nordplus programme and the Finnish National Board of Education’s direct support for networks in China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan fund these international activities. Careeria’s organization is rife with international experience as the departments are active in developing their own best practices and models for international cooperation. The departments and managers are supported by international coordinators who coordinate the activities on a broader scale, apply for funding and ensure the quality of activities.

Careeria’s international cooperation and related processes are under constant development. For additional information, contact the international coordinators:

Ville Vierimaa Ville.vierimaa@careeria.fi

Jukka Hakala Jukka.hakala@careeria.fi

Careerian kansainväliset verkostot/Careeria's international partner organisations on a map

Careeria international: projects, visits, delegations

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Teachers from France and the Netherlands in Careeria

Careeria sharing the joy with BBS Rotenburg celebrating the 20th anniversary as a European school
May 9–10, 2019

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