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With sixty years of vocational education and training experience, two strong educational institutions, Edupoli and Point College have merged to form a new company called Careeria. From January 1, 2019, new careers will be provided by Careeria, who will also be a brand new training provider.

The background to this situation is as follows: In the beginning of 2018, Amisto and Edupoli merged and in 2012 Point College was formed by the merger of Porvoo Commercial College and the Porvoo Health Care Institute. Now, Careeria, which have joined the forces of these actors on January 1, 2019, will serve the working life and their students will be courageous and renewed. The new multidisciplinary education institution Careeria is preparing tomorrow's top experts for unique, future-oriented careers, many of which will be in multiple languages and create new roles in the international environment.

The new school, Careeria, wants to encourage, enable, guide and coach students in their career paths and create new horizons, strengthening lifelong learning and integrating it into working life. The Careeria Education Provider permit allows the development of a diverse area in education and promotion of its vitality together with working life. Careeria educates young people and adults in Finnish, Swedish and English and also has their own apprenticeship activity. The owners of the company are the cities of Porvoo, Sipoo, Loviisa, Askola and Lapinjärvi, and the school operates throughout Eastern Uusimaa and the Capital area. Virtually we serve learners nationwide regardless of time and place.

Careeria's offering covers over twenty different fields of study, and the diploma programs includes more than 80 different fields of industry, profession and speciality vocational qualifications. The number of students is about 11,000 people per year (3000 student years) and turnover is approximately EUR 35 million. The Group also includes the subsidiary CareeriaPlus Oy, which operates in the free market. Careeria has over 400 employees and a total of 10 offices: 5 in Porvoo, Loviisa, Askola, Vantaa, Helsinki and Kerava.

Careeria's CEO and rector is Pasi Kankare.

Careeria - tomorrow's achievers