Vocational Qualification in Business QB (previously QBA)

 Business skills are needed in all sectors of the world of work! As a QB graduate, you can work in a variety of jobs such as Customer Service, Sales, Marketing Communications, Service Design and Office Services in many different companies in many different countries or start your own company.

The QB “Merkonomi in English” graduate has a wide range of skills such as customer-oriented business skills, sales skills, communication and interaction skills, language skills, computer skills and financial management skills. S/he is at home in digital environments and can network professionally. S/he can be an entrepreneur or develop into a managerial position. The graduate can work on existing products and services or develop new products and services or develop new customer experiences.

Contents of the diploma

The Qualification in Business is a diploma consisting of 180 Competence Points. Included in the diploma are 145 Competence Points of professional qualification components and 35 Competence Points of common qualification components. The diploma includes three compulsory parts (1) Customer Service (2) Profitable Operation and (3) Acting in a Work Community, which make up 55 Competence Points.

Students also learn the following:

  • Sales
  • Working in a Project
  • Marketing Communications and Content Production
  • Working in a Company

Qualification in Business graduates have competences in customer-oriented sales, customer service, business communications and interaction, languages and financial management. They can work in different digital environments and professional networks and have the basic capabilities required for entrepreneurship and the capabilities and competences required in first-level management positions. They also have the capabilities to develop new products and services, customer experiences and other customer solutions profitably. Based on their choices, students can work as a constructive 2nd in command to an entrepreneur. Many of our graduate students have moved on to either higher education or started their own businesses.

More information about the courses can be found at: https://eperusteet.opintopolku.fi/#/en/kooste/3855077

General information on studies

  • The duration of studies is about 2,5 years, depending on previous experience and previous studies.
  • The  scope of the qualification is 180 Competence Points
  • Study is full-time in Herttoniemi and the school day is usually 8.30-14.30

The minimum entry requirement for all applicants is:

  • Finnish language skills at level A2.1
  • English language skills at level B1.2.
  • Computer literacy

The scope of the qualification is 180 competence points (cp) including 145 cp of vocational studies and 35 cp common studies.

Compulsory units

Customer service 20
Profitable operation 20
Acting in a work community 15
Competence Points 55

Optional units

Sales 30
Working in a Projec 15
Marketing communications and content production 30
Working in a business 15
Competence Points 90

Common units

Communication and interaction skills 11
Skills in mathematics and natural sciences 6
Societal and working life competences 9
Optional learning outcomes in common units 9
Competence Points 35
Total Competence Points 180

For international applicants, connection to Finland as well as a contact person in Helsinki region, is recommended, and mandatory for applicants below 18 years old minors.

Please also note the following if you are accepted to study at Careeria: 1) You will need a computer. 2) You need proper health insurance for the duration of your studies (travel insurance is not enough). 3) You need to have about EUR 6500 per year of study in cash in your own bank account (to cover living expenses). 4) The link to Migri, the Finnish immigration service (where you will apply for your residence permit for study purposes).

More information about residence permits for studying in Finland can be found here: https://migri.fi/en/studying-in-finland

Further information: Bryan Roberts
bryan.roberts(a)careeria.fi, tel. +358 44 737 2410.