Rules and regulations for Careeria students and personnel

The purpose of these rules and regulations is to promote pleasant overall conditions for the smooth flow of study in a safe and secure environment at all Careeria premises and other Careeria activity venues. These rules and regulations affect every individual member of the educational institution. These rules and regulations are effective in each of the Careeria educational institution’s premises, indoor and outdoor areas, and at any other event or activity venues for all Careeria students and personnel. These rules and regulations support Careeria’s values and promote safety, work quality and environmental awareness.

All Careeria operations and activities observe and adhere to the Vocational Education and Training Act (531/2017), (lakia ammatillisesta koulutuksesta- 531/2017). Any infringement of these rules and regulations may lead to disciplinary actions. Disciplinary actions are determined in the Act (531/2017) chapter 9.

1. Each and every school community member is obliged to behave in a manner that allows others to study and work in peace, promotes work-safety and satisfaction, and to behave according to the code of good manners in each of the educational institution’s premises, outdoor areas, and at any Careeria events. Correct and acceptable behaviour avoiding all kinds of disturbance is the duty of all school community members.

2. Students will participate in all lessons according to their own personal competence development plan and arrive in good time and be well prepared for each work plan (timetable) event. Adherence to each work plan and scheduled timetable is essential and any changes to these must be appropriately notified well in advance. All designated tasks must be completed conscientiously and appropriately.

3. All Careeria students and personnel are considered equal and will observe the separately drawn up plan of equity and equality in education.

4. Each student and member of the personnel has the right to a safe, secure and pleasant work and study environment without any disruption.

5. Cleanliness must be observed and upheld in all Careeria indoor and outdoor premises. Correct use of personal protection equipment and clothing is required in all workshops and during any practical training sessions, and as required in the teacher’s instructions for any Careeria activities and purposes.

6. At the end of each day classrooms, workshops, workstations and tables are to be tidied and tools etc. cleaned and appropriately serviced.  All tools and teaching equipment must be returned to their correct storage place.

7. Teachers are responsible for checking that all classroom / workspace windows are closed and secured, lights switched off and doors locked at the end of each day.

8. It is forbidden to bring or have on one’s person any object or substance which could be harmful to the self or other people, or which is illegal to carry on one’s person at any Careeria campus or activity venue.

9. It is forbidden to use, carry, supply or be under the influence of any kind of intoxicant or drugs at any Careeria premises or study-related events or venues elsewhere. 

10. Every Careeria campus is smoke-free. This includes all persons from personnel to students. Other tobacco-based products such as snuff, electronic cigarettes or any similar products are also forbidden at any Careeria premises or study-related events or venues elsewhere. 

It is forbidden to publicly display any tobacco, - other tobacco-based or similar products at any Careeria premises. The possession of any kind of tobacco product under the age of 18 years is forbidden by law.

11. General safety, fire safety, work safety and campus traffic and parking instructions must be observed by everyone. Notify immediately any persons in danger of possible accident or hazards and report these immediately to Careeria personnel or Careeria persons responsible for safety.

12. All Careeria activities observe and adhere to the environmental directives and environmental programme.

13. All absences must be notified according to the instructions provided. All absences will be handled according to the valid regulations, directives and agreements.

14. All instructions and regulations must be observed at all times in all classrooms and workspaces.

15. Unauthorized presence at any Careeria campus or area is forbidden.

16. The Careeria information network must not be used for illegal purposes such as spamming, harassment, copyright infringement etc.  Any harassment or other misuse of the Careeria information network will be investigated under the criminal law act: (L578/1995 ja L540/2007 38 chapter § 5, 6, 7 and 8).