Information Technology in learning

Here are the Careeria ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) instructions and other useful related information. You can also consult your course coordinator if you have any questions.

Available services

  • Wilma Student registration Program
  • Moodle-e-Learning Environment
  • Office 365 Services
  • ePortfolio

Login details: Usernames and Passwords

Students can use the same login details for all services and applications in the following form: In some cases the surname will be followed by a number, usually number 1 (e.g Each student will receive their personal login details at the beginning of their study period. Students who have studied at Careeria before will probably receive the same username but a different password.

Passwords can be changed using Office 365 on any in-school computer. After logging in to any school PC use the Ctrl+Alt+Del-combination and select “Change/Reset password”. The new password must contain at least 10 characters of lower and minimum 1 uppercase and at least one number. The password must not contain any part of the username.

If you forget your password, you can change it via the Passu-service: Click the “Reset password” link at the top of this page. On mobile devices the link is via the ’Hamburger Menu’ or three lines below each other

Saving Files

Students can save files on OneDrive in Office 365. We recommend that you create back-up copies and save them on USB-memory sticks.

Wireless Network

All students have access to the Careeria wireless network on their own devices in all premises. Instructions on how to access the wireless network are available via your course coordinator or at the premises Info-reception desk.


Downloading programs

Students are not permitted to download programs onto school PCs. If you require a program for your studies, which is not available on Careeria computers, contact your subject teacher or course coordinator.


You can access Moodle via and clicking the ”Moodle” link at the top of the page or directly via

On the Moodle front page you will see which courses you are subscribed to and can access.  Moodle is Careeria’s e-learning environment which is used for sharing e.g. learning related materials and tasks.  At the top of the front page you will find general instructions and information on different available support models.

Wilma Student Interface

Wilma is accessed via and clicking ”Wilma” at the top of the page or directly via:

After logging in to Wilma you can access your personal details (and you can edit these if required) at: My front page > Forms > personal information (Careeria).

In schedules view you can access your individual study timetable and personal study plan, as well as teachers for contact lessons or e-learning periods.

In the studies view you can access your personal study plan structure and select which  contact / e-learning courses to attend. You can also cancel attendance if you are ill or have other reasons to cancel.  You must always remember to cancel attendance if you cannot attend! This frees up a study space for other students to attend courses with limited places available.

If you are logged in using a Careeria PC and on Careeria premises please use the Internet browsers Edge or Chrome, Moodle and Wilma programs will not require you to provide your ID and password second time using these browsers. Otherwise the system functions normally like any other. Any Careeria computer that is not in a classroom will always require login details.