Student Union Care

The task of the student union Care: 

The task of the student union  is to advance and unify collaboration between students, to give them opportunities to influence their own interests, and to effectively develop co-operation between students and the education provider. 

In Careeria, the purpose of the activities of the student union board are: 

  • Supervising and advocating for the interests of students 
  • Monitoring and developing the quality of education in cooperation with the management of the educational institution 
  • Maintaining the well-being of students and sharing the development of student care in co-operation with the management of the educational institution and student welfare services 
  • Building a sense of community together with tutors and other students through activities and events organized in Careeria. 

Duties of the Careeria Student Union Board: 

The board, which is elected annually, is responsible for the activities of the student body. The members of the Student Union Board meet with Careeria’s principal and education managers and represent students in various Careeria work groups. 

The Student Union of the Year 2020 

Finnish Student Alliance OSKU union elected Porvoo Careeria's CARE student union as the 2020 student union of the year.  

The student union of the year award is given to a student union that has shown immense activity and inclusive approach in the development of the educational institution during the academic year, and has promoted the comfort of students or otherwise developed its operations in significant ways.  


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