The First Impressions of the QB Students

QM group at Herttoniemi.

The students of QB degree (Vocational Qualification in Business) have started their autumn semester successfully at Careeria’s Herttoniemi premises. The Qualification in Business graduates can work internationally in multiple fields such as Customer Service, Sales, Marketing Communications, Service Design and Office Services.

Part of our selection process involves understanding the prospective students’ ethical and moral awareness, motivation and desire to make a positive change in their lives. The new QB group we have strike us as being motivated and interested in the subject of business and performing it in an ethical and socially responsible way. We plan to go out on field excursions to experience business methods in real life and hope that Covid 19 doesn’t force us to change to less social teaching practices, because after all, effective learning is a social activity .

The QB students come from variety of backgrounds, many of them visiting and studying in Finland for the first time. We asked the undergraduates about the similarities and differences of Finland compared to their homeland and about their first impressions of experiencing studies in Finland.

Here’s what the students had to say:

“My first impressions of Finland was that it has beautiful forests. This country really looks nice in summer and everything is green. This reminds me of my home country Zimbabwe, were we have big forests. People here, they mind their own business and don’t greet or talk to anyone much. This contrasts with Africa, were we greet people when walking by the road or even boarding a taxi or a bus and usually greet people who are near you. Finland is water locked and there is water everywhere. I liked it while boarding in a ship here for my first time.

I have good impressions towards our studies. The school welcomes us well and the free lunch ensures that we are able to concentrate all day on our studies. I really appreciate this. Our Teachers are good and they are committed to their work.”

– Unity Kahiya (Zimbabwe)


“My first impression in Finland was that it is too cold. The people in Finland were so silent and not ready to start a conversation with strangers.  The transportation facilities are really awesome and helpful to newcomers in Finland. Most of the areas are covered in green. They (Finns) are giving more importance to maintaining nature and a healthy atmosphere. 

My first impression of studies is really good, the study culture is very different from my home country. There are more international students from different countries studying in Careeria. All are really friendly and cooperative. Here, I am getting healthy food. Studies give more importance to practical training and giving assignments helps a lot to grow our careers in sales and marketing.”

– Arjun Baburaj (India)


“My first impression of Finland was about the people. I think they are not talkative, they are quite shy which I think maybe because of the language barrier and cultural differences. Where I am from, people are more hospitable. But the country has very good infrastructure compared to my home country as I am from Africa, Ghana. Beautiful place I must say and I hope to enjoy my stay and studies. 

My impression of my studies has been good so far. The studies are quite different  compared to my home country with the teaching and learning. In my home country it is more of memorizing, but it is more practical here. However, the break periods here in Careeria are good because we take 15 minutes of break every 45 minutes. I don't know if it's the same in all the institutions here (in Finland), but I think it’s a good thing. Not forgetting about the lunch, the food is well balanced and it really helps. I am making some friends from different countries also. I hope to learn more and enjoy my studies. ” 

– Fareed Salah (Ghana)


“The country seems full of forests and wildlife, which is good in my book, but also a combination of civilization, which is definitely an upgrade from my home country. The people here seem secluded and quiet, which is a barrier to making friends and asserting yourself along with the language barrier. The economy and the opportunities available here are many and in my opinion (Finland) is a great place to start hoping and working for a better future. The weather conditions are harsh which has an impact on my psychology but it’s not much of a problem, as I was aware of that fact before I arrived here. 

(The studies) are done differently to the way my home country does them, but in a good way. I see more ways to implement knowledge to the students, which are creative and effective. It’s not 6 hours of sitting down and listening to someone speak. It enables the student to act and learn from those methods, whether that is done with projects that require going out or team projects. It also gives the students more freedom. The thing that impressed me is the use of online features to get things done. Paper is rarely ever needed which isn’t the case in my home country. Overall, a good experience.” 

– Vasilis Katsardis (Greece)